Commercial Fire Services

Fire Protection

Using Silent Knight, FireLite and other manufacturers throughout New York City and Long Island. We provide job site consultation, telephone technical support and facility training.

As an experienced fire alarm installer/ servicer,  we have exclusive access to products, custom design innovations, specialized training and pricing privileges. As an independent contractor we are adept at ensuring each submittal is strong and competitive, and that each bid is locally relevant to your installation

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Fire Alarm Service and Inspections

We provide 24 hour radio dispatched technicians available for inspections, troubleshooting, violation removal and repairs of most manufacturers systems. Parts and Labor Service agreements with 24 hr response can be provided. We can write an appeal or reconsideration of violation and arrange for legal representation for criminal court summons.

Services include:
• Fire Equipment Distribution
• System Programming including Final Commissioning
• Periodic Inspections
• 24 Hour Service
• Equipment/System Design
• Fire Dept/Fire Marshal Expediting
• Retrofits
• Minor Additions to Systems

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More of Our Commercial Services


Smart Video

Remote Access

Home Automation

Central Station Monitoring

AllTech Fire Protection Services

We offer a variety of fire protection services for Property Managers, Building Owners, Facility Managers and Industrial Spaces. Routine maintenance is essential in ensuring the safety of your buildings occupants and your property. Let us assist you in putting together a plan to maintain and service your sprinkler, fire suppression systems, and extinguishers.

Fire Alarm Products

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Factory authorized dealers for many manufacturers throughout New York City and Long Island. We provide job site consultation, telephone technical support, and more.

Sprinkler Systems

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We arrange for the inspections, testing, and maintenance of Dry Sprinkler Systems, Wet Sprinkler Systems, Deluge Sprinkler Systems, and Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems. All tests and maintenance follow NFPA 25 and NYC Requirements

Fire Extinguisher Services

Engineer checking Industrial fire control system,Fire Alarm controller, Fire notifier, Anti fire.System ready In the event of a fire.

All Tech performs or arranges for sales and maintenance of Portable Extinguishers, Recharging, Hydrostatic Testing and “Weight, Check and Tag” Inspections on all A, B, C, D, K, CO2, Water Halon Units.
Fire extinguishers are required to be properly mounted, maintained and inspected.

Kitchen Fire Suppresion System Services

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All commercial cooking operations require protection with UL300 Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems including restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, schools and other facilities.

Clean Agent Suppresion Systems

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Your computer, IT, records storage and similar type rooms are better protected by a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System. They are not water based, but gas which simply fills the volume of space and effectively reaches the fire to extinguish it. Your system must be inspected and tested semi-annually by a licensed certified company.

Fire Pump

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We arrange for inspections, testing, maintenance, and monthly churn testing of Fire Pumps. All tests and maintenance follow NFPA 25.

Foam Suppresion Systems

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We arrange for inspections, testing, and maintenance of foam suppression systems