Central Station Monitoring

Central Station Monitoring Services

Round the Clock Protection. Our Team is Ready and Waiting to Help.

Alerts from your fire alarms, smoke detectors, and video surveillance systems are sent to our central station monitoring facility which is U.L.-listed, FDNY-approved and staffed by professionals 24/7.

Our team interfaces with the technology in your home to address break-ins, smoke and fire, medical emergencies, water damage, suspicious activities, and much more.

Wireless connectivity on a dedicated cellular signal means you can stay connected to your home at all times, but it also means your connection is safe should landlines and power lines snapped during nor’easters or other storms.

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Alltech Remote Capabilities

Use your smartphone or computer to access your security and camera systems from anywhere in the world.  Arm/disarm, check system status, alarms and other conditions to always be connected.

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Central Station Monitoring

Why AllTech Central Station Monitoring?

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